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For decades, Strothmann has been an established supplier of automation systems for a wide range of applications in press shops: from press lines to individual presses. Our portfolio includes systems for the Front of Line, press linking and the End of Line. Our strengths include the linking of tandem lines and retrofitting projects. To optimize press automation systems to the greatest possible degree, we use our simulation software StroCon PL and OpenLoop. Moreover, we also offer our RoundTrack systems as integrated solutions for material transport.

System advantages

Highly dynamic processes

Automation devices for highly dynamic press interlinking with intelligent kinematics for optimum cycle times and process sequences up to 17 SPM.

Customized solutions

Our ultra-flexible press automation permits the combination of established systems and customized added functions to create a unique integrated solution just for you.

Intelligent simulation systems

The simulation software packages StroCon PL and OpenLoop will increase your output and reduce try-out times through offline programming.

Turnkey systems

Full assembly and commissioning of the systems at the customer’s premises and hand-over of a fully operational system. Reduced workload thanks to extensive pre-commissioning at our premises.

Expert project management

We are a system partner with great consulting expertise throughout the full process chain. We will be by your side from planning all the way through to commissioning to give you the best possible result.

After-sales support

Expert service and quick response times around the globe – through remote access or regular inspections at your premises.

Advantages press automation

Innovative function integration

  • Centring in the Front of Line without additional centring robot
  • Orientation and distribution on conveyor belts in the End of Line without a shuttle or robot
  • These functions reduce the number of required toolings and associated changing units
  • Direct cost reduction by up to € 1.4 million
  • Compact line length thanks to minimized press spacing and omitted FoL and EoL components

Retrofitting experts

  • Improved output thanks to electronic transfer and press phase offset
  • Free programming in all six degrees of freedom
  • Compact design for installation in very small spaces
  • Improved performance and reduction of try-out times through simulation software
  • Fewer tools thanks to eliminated orientation stations
  • Quicker set-up process through fully automatic tool change

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Advantages press automation: retrofitting
Advantages press automation: clever combinations of established individual systems

Clever combinations of established individual systems

  • Tailor-made solutions consisting of modules from the module kit and additional functions
  • Versatile combinations of operating modes and modules
  • Scalable and expandable systems
  • Press automation and modern intralogistical processes with AGV
  • Optimized process sequences through offline programming and simulation systems

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    Advantages through simulation software

    • Full offline programming of press automation
    • Improved output and reduction of try-out times through optimized movements
    • Higher level of safety thanks to collision monitoring
    • Virtual teaching, set-up and run-in of products
    • Optimization of grippers and tools as early as the design phase

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      Simulation software for press automation

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