Tandem lines: Single-arm feeder with functional integration

With a max. performance of 16 SPM, a load-bearing capacity of 100 kg and five degrees of freedom, the FeederPlus 6neo is perfect for linking up tandem press lines. It is the result of continuous further development of the FeederPlus, which has been a great success for Strothmann in numerous press lines and with many press manufacturers. Its defining feature is the kinematics that makes its unique functional integration possible. The FeederPlus 6neo can independently centre blanks in the Front of Line, both for single and for double parts. In the End of Line, the feeder can distribute workpieces on conveyor belts and deposit them in the right orientation, making additional shuttle systems and robots obsolete. Last but not least it is suitable for retrofitting with press spacings of up to 10,000 mm.

The core benefits 

  • Outputs of up to 16 strokes/min 
  • Automatic blank centring in the Front of Line 
  • Depositing in the correct orientation in the End of Line without robot 
  • Patented kinematics 
  • Automatic tooling change with just one tooling change unit 
  • Use in new lines and as retrofit 
Tandem lines: Outputs of up to 16 strokes/min

Technical data

FeederPlus 6neo

Max. performance

16 strokes/min

Load-bearing capacity

100 kg

Degrees of freedom


Transport step press to press

5200 mm

Press centre offset

±100 mm

Vertical stroke Z

950 mm

Spreading per side

±150 mm

Spreading double parts

600 mm

B axis pivot


Repeat accuracy

0.2 mm

Centring in the Front of Line

Tandem lines

Conventional centring solution 

  • Optical centring station with robots 
  • Tooling changing units for robots 
  • Additional magnetic belt for centring 
Tandem lines

Centring solution with FeederPlus 6neo 

  • Optical centring station with FeederPlus 6neo 
  • No robot required 
  • No magnetic belt required 
  • No toolings and tooling changing units for robots required 

Depositing in the correct orientation in the End of Line

Tandem lines

Conventional orientation solution 

  • Shuttle and two robots 
  • Tooling changing units for shuttle and robots 
Tandem lines

Orientation solution with FeederPlus 6neo 

  • FeederPlus 6neo independently places formed parts on the conveyor belt in the correct orientation  
  • No toolings and tooling changing units for robots and shuttles required 
Tandem lines: Applications and satisfied customers

Applications and satisfied customers 

The FeederPlus 6neo is in use in all stages of expansion in twelve lines belonging to a variety of end customers. Strothmann’s successful collaboration with four different press manufacturers shows our outstanding expertise in the automation of press lines. 

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