The customized crossbar transfer for retrofitting projects

The CompactTransfer is an automation unit for press linking, which was specially developed for modernizing large suction presses. The transfer, which is freely programmable in all six axes, can increase the output, flexibility and energy efficiency of the entire system. It is characterized by an extremely compact design, allowing it to be integrated in the tight space between the press stand and the ram. The extremely light-weight, rigid crossbar made of carbon fibres connects the two transfer sections, accommodates the tooling and workpieces and can be changed fully automatically. The CompactTransfer is supplied with our simulation software StroCon PL, which permits offline programming, further increases output and reduces try-out times.

The core benefits

  • Increased output 
  • Greater flexibility 
  • Reduced downtimes and try-out times 
  • Fewer toolings thanks to eliminated intermediate stations 
  • Improved accessibility 
  • Lower energy consumption 
  • State-of-the-art control system technology 
Press Retrofit: The core benefits

Technical data


Max. performance

16 (17)* strokes/min

Load-bearing capacity

120 (100)* kg

Degrees of freedom


Transport step (press to press)

5,200 mm (4,600 mm)*

Press centre offset

± 180 mm (±150 mm)

Vertical stroke Z

approx. 1500 – 1800 mm

Spreading per side

±150 mm

Spreading double parts

600 mm

A axis pivot

± 7.5° (6°)*

B axis pivot

± 90°

C axis turning

± 3.8° (3°)*

Repeat accuracy

0.2 mm

*Figures in brackets for transport step 4,600 mm

Retrofitting crossbar presses



  • Joint drive of all presses, no press offset 
  • Transfer controlled by mechanical cam discs on the press drive, not programmable 
  • Workpiece orientation by intermediate stations 
  • Tool design based on fixed clearance curves of cam discs 


  • Joint drive of all presses, presses with fixed phase offset 
  • Transfer controlled by electronic cam disc, synchronised with press, freely programmable 
  • Workpiece orientation through degrees of freedom of transfer 
  • Tool design based on simulation and offline programming  

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