Press automation: Highly dynamic automation of press lines and individual presses

Great consulting expertise

We are a system partner with great consulting expertise throughout the full process chain. We will be by your side from planning all the way through to commissioning to give you the best possible result.

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Customized solutions

New systems or retrofits, tandem lines or flexible automation of individual presses: no matter what you need, we will use our broad product portfolio to design customized solutions that perfectly match your needs.

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Global project handling

Our press automation solutions are in use around the world: from requirements elicitation through commissioning to after-sales service. We implement press automation worldwide – including at your location.

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Press line automation

Front of Line

Press automation: Front of Line

In the Front of Line section we offer all functions from blank stack feeding through separation and destacking to centring and transfer to the press line.

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Press linking

Press automation: Press linking

For the automation of tandem lines and retrofitting projects, we offer customized solutions based on the FeederPlus 6neo and the CompactTransfer.

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End of Line

Press automation: End of Line

Our range of products is complemented by shuttle systems, removal robots, conveyor technology and stacking systems for handling workpieces at the End of Line.

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Flexible press automation

uFlex press automation

Press automation: uFlex press automation

We combine our established standard systems to create a customized, ultra-flexible press automation just for you.

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Hot forming

Press automation: Hot forming

For hot forming systems, our portfolio includes both, Front of Line systems and press automation designed as a transfer or feeder system.

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Press automation: Software

Our simulation software will optimize your system output. It will help you reduce set-up and try-out times.

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The automation highlight: The FeederPlus 6neo
The single-arm feeder for tandem press lines of up to 16 SPM

The single-arm feeder for tandem press lines of up to 16 SPM

With a max. performance of 16 SPM, a load-bearing capacity of 100 kg and 5 degrees of freedom, the FeederPlus 6neo is perfect for linking up tandem press lines. It is the result of continuous further development of the FeederPlus, which has been a great success for Strothmann in numerous press lines and with many press manufacturers. Its defining feature is the kinematics that makes its unique functional integration possible. The FeederPlus 6neo can independently centre blanks in the Front of Line, both for single and for double parts. In the End of Line, the feeder can distribute workpieces on conveyor belts and deposit them in the right orientation, making additional shuttle systems and robots obsolete. Last but not least it is suitable for retrofitting projects – even with press spacings of up to 10,000 mm.

Press automation: References and customer projects

Press automation in interaction with transport systems

RoundTrack systems in press shops

For decades, our patented RoundTrack system has proven successful in press shops all over the world. Even heavy loads of up to 200 t are easy to move with this system. Thanks to an incredibly low rolling resistance, loads of up to 5 t can even be moved manually. Modern intralogistical processes - from simple dollies to driverless transport systems - are easy to implement in any press shop. Application examples include blank carts, coil and tool transport between factory buildings and tool change systems.

The core benefits

  • Load-bearing capacity of up to 200 t, up to 5 t movable by hand
  • Floor-level system without tripping hazards
  • Traversable with forklift and pallet trucks
  • High energy efficiency thanks to minimized rolling friction
  • Extremely sturdy
  • Customized logistics concepts

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from universal to highly dynamic and from standardized to customized

Press automation: Blank cart

Blank cart

Carriage for feeding and discharging blank stacks in the Front of Line area for different weight classes and configurations: depending on the system and customer’s requirements with different added functions such as lifting tables, spreading magnets and part presence checks.

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Press automation: Coil Transport

Coil Transport

Safe and fully automatic transport of coils from the warehouse to the press line. Customized weight classes and designs.

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Press automation: Tool change

Tool change

Our carriages are perfect for in-house transport of press tools. Our portfolio also includes tool changing via sliding systems or changing tables.

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Press automation: Permanently in use

Number of car body parts produced per year on tandem lines with Strothmann automation.
Number of hot-formed parts produced per year on systems with Strothmann automation.
The average availability of the installed systems is 99.8%.

For which presses would you like highly dynamic automation?

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