Offline programming with OpenLoop

The OpenLoop software offers a complete tool set for 3D simulation, offline programming and optimization of handling processes. The process becomes more transparent and significant improvements in output and system set-up times are possible.

The core benefits

  • Full offline programming
  • Increased output through optimized movements
  • High level of safety thanks to collision monitoring
  • Reduction of try-out times
  • Virtual teaching, set-up and run-in of products
  • Optimization of grippers and tools as early as the design phase
  • Open system, i.e. suitable for automation equipment from any manufacturer

Open Loop
Simulation of mechanical system and process control

Application software

3D kinematics mode

  • Representation of any mechanisms
  • Accounting for axis limits (position / speed / acceleration/jolt)
  • Interactive teaching of the Tool Centre Points (TCP)
  • Switching between different TCPs of one mechanism, e.g. to represent different tools
  • Nesting of mechanisms (e.g. for transfer gripper)
  • Import of STEP files, STL files and other 3D formats
  • Geometry tools for generating simple bodies
  • Collision analysis through free definition of contact pairs
  • Simple generation of collision bodies
  • Graphical display and diagram-based logging of collisions
Application software

Sequence control and movement definition

  • Interactive 3D teaching mode
  • Smoothing and factorisation of movement sections
  • Sequence control with visual programming in integrated graphical interface
  • Advanced sequence control through Python scripts
  • Virtual sensor system and actuator system
  • Virtual part generation from templates and transport via virtual conveyor belts
  • Tracing of signals and signal-based debugging to find sequence errors
  • Movement definition through common program elements (P2P, LIN, CIRC)
  • Import of defined axis movements from external sources
  • Advanced movement definition with virtual cam discs
  • Scenario analysis of movement sequences and simulated process times

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