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For the wood and furniture industry we offer customised system solutions to match your requirements: highly dynamic handling systems and highly precise transport systems. Our transport systems are optimised for intelligent transport of great loads. Even extremely heavy loads can be transported with the lowest possible energy input. A broad selection of carriages offers great flexibility: from low-cost aluminium dollies to automated guided vehicle systems for sophisticated applications. In the handling system segments our line gantries are only one of the products we offer for flexible use in separation, transport and orientation of furniture boards.

Wood and furniture industry

Line gantries in the furniture industry 

  • Separation, transport and orientation of furniture boards
  • Standardised gantry systems and processes for rapid order processing
  • Extensive configuration options
  • Robust systems even in dusty environments
  • Customised gripper interfaces
  • Decades of experience as supplier of plant sections

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Transport of wooden boards

  • Transport of stacks of wooden boards between plant area and warehouse
  • RoundTrack easier to pass over with vehicles than conventional flat bottom rails
  • Smoother running and less floor treatment work required

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Wood and furniture industry

Our system solutions for transport and handling:
From entry-level to ultra-class

Automated guided vehicle systems

Automated guided
vehicle systems

The new ultra-class: uTrack is ideal for applications that handle great loads and require high availability while minimising maintenance and service work.

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RoundTrack systems


Our RoundTrack-based transport systems are designed for flexible use: from manual standard dollies to powered transport carts.

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Handling systems


Our portfolio ranges from conventional 2-axis gantries to customised system solutions: line gantries, area gantries or traversing feeders.

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