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From entry-level to heavy-duty class

RoundTrack is the ideal transport system for intelligent transport of great loads. It allows even extremely heavy loads to be transported with the lowest possible energy input. The precise and reliable track guiding function is based on the Strothmann RoundTrack system. A broad selection of carts from low-cost aluminium carts to Automated Guided Vehicles for sophisticated applications offers great flexibility.

The three top benefits

Total simplicity

The RoundTrack system makes it possible to move even extremely heavy loads with ease: from individual components weighing tons to complete machines. Quick installation and system availability permit uncomplicated integration into the production workflow.

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Total safety

The guided system guarantees safe load transport. Due to the flush floor installation and uncomplicated handling ensure optimum safety during product transport.

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Total efficiency

As a structural aid the RoundTrack system necessarily creates efficient transport processes. Thanks to the minimal energy input required for moving loads and because the system is practically maintenance-and wear-free, it quickly pays for itself.

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RoundTrack systems

System overview transport systems

Manual transport systems
Manual transport systems for easy implementation


The standard aluminium or steel cart is suitable for easy and quick implementation of many applications. One person can move up to 5 t. You benefit from quick delivery.

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Manual transport systems
Manual transport systems for heavy loads


CustomTrack carts are fully adapted to your requirements thanks to a tailored cart and layout design. In particular the direction change systems increase the flexibility of the transport process.

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Powered transport systems
Powered transport systems for assembly lines


PulseTrack is the simplest way to implement flow production. Connecting the pulse conveyor to the cart increases productivity thanks to fixed cycles and maximum energy efficiency.

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Powered transport systems
Powered transport systems for heavy loads


The powered transport cart for manual or fully automated processes is optimized for straight routes. ServoTrack is ideal for efficient material transport between two stations.

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The foundation for efficient transport solutions

RoundTrack: The foundation for heavy-duty loads.

Transport of heavy loads ...

The 3-part RoundTrack has been in use for over 40 year and has undergone constant further development in that time. The round rails and wheels of the system consist of specially hardened and polished steel, giving the system an extremely high load-bearing capacity. The aluminium holding profiles ensure that the round rail stays in place and remains firmly connected to the building floor.

One single person is able to move heavy loads of up to 5 t with very little energy.

... with little energy

The concave profile or rollers and wheels ensures that there is only point contact with the rails. The result is a minimized rolling resistance of up to 0.003 µ, making it possible for a single person to move heavy loads of up to 5 t with very little energy. The RoundTrack sets standards for efficient product and material flow of loads weighing up to 200 t.

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RoundTrack systems: Permanently in use

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FAQ: Frequently asked questions about transport systems based on the round rail

An automated assembly line refers to a production line on which products or components are automatically assembled. These production lines are designed to maximize efficiency, precision and productivity.

Generally, an automated assembly line includes a series of work stations or modules that follow one another and perform various assembly steps. Each station may be equipped with automated machines, robots, or specialized fixtures to perform specific tasks, such as applying screws, welding, joining parts, checking quality standards, etc.

The advantages of an automated assembly line are the increase in productivity, precision and quality of the manufactured products. Automation can shorten assembly times, minimize errors and increase efficiency. It also allows for greater flexibility in the event of product changes or adjustments to assembly processes.

It is important to note that assembly line automation can vary by industry, product type and manufacturing process. The exact design of an automated assembly line depends on a company's specific requirements and goals.

Various transport solutions are used in heavy duty assembly lines to transport heavy loads or components efficiently and safely. Some of the common transport solutions are: Roller conveyors, conveyor belts, heavy duty chain conveyors, crane and lifting systems, and track guided transport systems. The use of the right transport solution depends on factors such as the weight and size of the products. Another criteria is the precision requirements for interaction with e.g. robots.

Track guided transport systems offer numerous advantages over conventional transport solutions in heavy duty assembly lines. The round track system can be easily installed in existing production halls without the need for costly infrastructure. Another plus for the round track systems is the low energy requirement and the reliable and safe transport of the product: from agricultural machinery to rotor blades for wind turbines.

Efficient material transport: Rail guided transport systems enable smooth and efficient transport of materials, products or goods within a warehouse or production area. The use of rails ensures precise and straight-line movement, resulting in efficient use of available space and maximizing throughput.

High load capacity: Rail systems offer high load capacity and can carry heavy loads. Rails and vehicles are designed to withstand large loads, making them suitable for transporting heavy or bulky goods.

Precision and repeatability: Rail systems offer high precision and repeatability when transporting materials. Vehicles move along established tracks, resulting in accurate positioning and reliable transportation. This allows companies to achieve consistent results and reduce errors.

Safety: Rail guided transport systems also offer safety benefits. The fixed rails provide stability and prevent vehicles from deviating. This reduces the risk of collisions or accidents compared to free-moving transport systems.

Due to the round shape of the rail, it enables low-friction movement of the means of transport. This reduces the amount of energy required and enables efficient transport. Compared to flat rails, round rails have a smaller contact area with the means of transport. This reduces wear on the rails and the transport vehicles. In addition, the completely floor-level design of the round track reduces the risk of tripping to a minimum.

Round rails are easy to install. They are installed directly into the floor and allow quick installation of the transport system.

The integration of the transport rail system into the floor is done in four steps:
1.  Measure and mark the track on the floor.
2.  Cut, chisel and clean the slots
3.  Lay and align the round track in the floor
4.  Pour the round track into the slots.

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