Automation solutions for press lines in the automotive industry

In the past decades, Strothmann has specialized in the automation of press shop processes. Notable automotive manufacturers and suppliers worldwide put their trust in Strothmann. For press lines, we provide automation for the Front of Line, press linking and the End of Line. Our portfolio includes the FeederPlus 6neo as a core product, an innovative single-arm feeder characterized by unique function integration. Even in the special segment of retrofitting crossbar press lines, we’ve been highly successful in the market for many years thanks to our CompactTransfer. To complement our portfolio, we offer our simulation software StroCon PL, which you can use to maximize the output of our press lines.

The core benefits

  • Full line automation
  • New systems and retrofits
  • Innovative function integration
  • Intelligent software
  • Performance tuning through offline programming
  • Expert project management

Press line automation

Front of Line

Press lines: front of Line

In the Front of Line section we offer all functions from blank stack feeding through separation and destacking to centring and transfer to the press line.

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Press linking

Press lines: press linking

For the automation of tandem lines and retrofitting projects, we offer customized solutions based on the FeederPlus 6neo
and the CompactTransfer.

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End of Line

Press lines: end of Line

Our range of products is complemented by shuttle systems, removal robots, conveyor technology and stacking systems for handling workpieces at the End of Line.

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