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The “Strothmann Controller Press Line”, or StroCon PL for short, is our software for calculating and optimizing product-specific paths for Strothmann automation units used for press linking. When combined with the 3D simulation tool, it can generate transfer movements that can then be analysed for the absence of collisions between the transfer and press tools. The controller accounts for the performance and technical limits of the machines and supports the user in approaching the maximum feasible stroke rate. The parameters of the generated paths can be exported directly to the system. Moreover, supporting simulations can be generated even during the tool design process to determine where improvements are possible.

The core benefits

  • Optimized movement sequences to maximize output
  • Full offline programming to minimize try-out times
  • Accounting for technical machine limits
  • Direct export of calculated paths to the real system
  • Absence of collisions checked by 3D simulation tool
  • Simulation support in tool design process
Press automation: Offline programming of transfer movements


  • Offline programming of transfer movements
  • Checking of drive limit values
  • Determination of maximum achievable stroke rate
  • Checking of ease of movement
  • Import of press curves
  • Setting of press phase offset
  • Interface to 3D simulation system
  • Interface to system

StroCon PL interfaces

Interface with 3D simulation tool

  • Tools: Siemens PLS, NX Press (others available on request)
  • StroCon PL transmits movement data to the simulation tool for visualization
  • WCF-based interface by default, but simple text-file-based solutions are also possible
  • Joint data handling (saving and loading processes)

Interface to system

  • Export of calculated path parameters to system
  • “Basic”: Basic variant with manual file import on the system
  • “Advanced”: OPC-based interface for system control
  • Quick fine-adjustment of paths directly on the system
  • Matching of data between control system and StroCon PL

Your advantages when using StroCon PL*

increase of system productivity
reduction of set-up processes
reduction of tool design errors

*Data from Siemens customer surveys

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