Simulation software: maximise the performance of your press automation

Strothmann offers StroCon PL and OpenLoop, two simulation systems for press automation. StroCon PL is a controller for offline programming of paths for press linking - both in new tandem lines and in retrofitting projects. Together with specialised 3D simulation tools, this software can significantly increase system performance. Our OpenLoop software is capable of simulating our flexible solutions for press automation and, in particular, hot forming systems. Offline programming and collision analysis can once again achieve significant improvements in output and set-up times.

Overview software

StroCon PL 
StroCon PL 

Mit StroCon PL können Bahnkurven für Pressenverkettungen offline programmiert und StroCon PL makes it possible to program and optimise paths for press linking offline. When combined with the 3D simulation tool, it can generate transfer movements that can then be analysed for maximum performance and the absence of collisions. This increases the press line output while simultaneously reducing set-up times.

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The OpenLoop software offers a complete tool set for 3D simulation, offline programming and optimisation of handling and press automation processes. The process becomes more transparent and significant improvements in output and system set-up times are possible.

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Offline programming of press automation

The core benefits

  • Offline programming of press automation
  • Increased level of safety through collision analysis on a virtual 3D model
  • Performance tuning taking the system limits into account
  • Improved output
  • Reduced set-up and try-out times
  • Support for tool design process

Which systems would you like to program offline?

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