uTrack is the Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) system for demanding applications and the benchmark for lean production. The uTrack system is track-guided and has unbeatable advantages over conventional AGVs: e.g. efficient heavy-load transport, high-precision positioning, fleet accuracy and maintenance-free components. Due to these outstanding features and the extreme areas of applications, we call our AGV Ultra-Track or in short: uTrack.

Max. Load transport
± mm
Positioning accuracy
Ultra stark – Zuverlässiger und sicherer Transport von Produkten bis 200 t

Ultra strong

Reliable and safe transport of products up to 200 t

uTrack is the heavy-duty AGV for automated material transport from 5 to 200 t: Due to the uTrack track guidance, even extremely long and wide loads can be moved safely. High load capacities can be realized regardless of the ground quality. Even large weight differences or the relocation of the material center of gravity have no effect on the positioning accuracy.

Ultra precise

Positioning and fleet repeat accuracy up to ±0.3 mm

The track guidance enables high-precision positioning and repeatability: consistently across the entire vehicle fleet. This unique feature enables optimal integration into automated processes and precise interaction with robots or machines. This reduces commissioning to a minimum. The uTrack track guidance eliminates lateral deviations, height tolerances or angular errors of the front and rear wheels.

Ultra präzise – Positionier- und Flottenwiederholgenauigkeit bis ±0.3 mm
Ultra effizient –  Das wartungsfreie System mit geringen Betriebskosten

Ultra efficient

The maintenance-free system with low operating costs

The maintenance-free components and high energy efficiency make the application of uTrack extremely economical and sustainable. Due to the minimal rolling resistance between the steel wheel and the steel rail, only low drive power is required to move large loads. Unlike conventional AGVs, there are no ruts in the production line and hall transitions or floor joints remain intact. Maximum productivity is offered by the integrated emergency concept: in the event of a system or power failure, uTrack keeps on working.

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UTrack’s Leading edge :
Advantages over conventional AGVs

System comparison of Forum-AGV

Reduction of operating costs (TCO)

On the road to success with uTrack. Benefit from the economic advantages of the uTrack system. Compared to conventional AGVs, uTrack already scores with the lower acquisition costs. Further savings result from the reduction of maintenance and energy costs: e.g. no wear-related component replacement is necessary. Repairs to the RoundTracks are not necessary. In addition, no service or maintenance stations are required. Another plus point: downtimes due to the loss of the carriages position are eliminated. This means that no subsequent teaching of the carriages is necessary.

UTrack’s system
components: robust and reliable

The uTrack transport cart

The cart transports products up to 200 t automatically and with high precision. The chassis design can be individually adapted to the requirements. All system components are maintenance-free and designed for long-lasting use. The energy supply of the uTrack transport cart can be flexibly selected: battery or induction drive.

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The uTrack track guidance

The RoundTrack is the basis for the exact and safe guidance of the transport cart. It is installed in the floor and can be driven over by any vehicle. Turning and lifting devices allow the AGV to change direction easily. This means that any position can be reached at the site of operation. The hall floor remains undamaged.

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UTrack’s areas of application
from universal to extreme

Automated guided vehicles

Application example manufacturing and production lines: Flow production for large-volume and heavy products up to 200 t.

Automated guided vehicles

Application example storage systems: Precise approach and storage of large or sensitive material.

Automated guided vehicles

Application example machine operation and supply: Precise interactions with robots, machines or equipment.

Autonomous and free or better ultra precise and ultra efficient?

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