Transport and handling systems for the automotive industry

Notable automotive manufacturers and suppliers put their trust in Strothmann system solutions: In the past decades, we have specialized in the automation of pressing plant processes. Our portfolio includes the highly dynamic automation of entire press lines and hot forming plants, Front and End of Line systems and ultra-flexible customized solutions for individual presses. Our RoundTrack system is likewise enjoying great success in pressing plants: for instance for uninterrupted blank stack feeding, for coil transport or for automatic tool change.

Applications for transport and handling:

  • for new systems and retrofits: Automation of press lines up to 17 SPM
  • Front of Line, press linking and End of Line
  • Automation of hot forming plants
  • Customized, ultra-flexible press automation from a module kit
  • Blank and tool change carriages
Press automation for the automotive industry

Automation of tandem lines

  • Automation of the entire line – Front of Line, press linking and End of Line
  • FeederPlus 6neo – single-arm feeder for tandem lines up to 16 SPM
  • Unique kinematics permits intelligent function integration
    • Independent centring of blanks in the Front of Line with the double-pick function
    • Oriented depositing of fully formed parts on conveyor belts in the End of Line
    • This minimizes cost and permits compact overall line dimensions
  • Automatic tooling change in under 3 minutes
  • Offline programming with StroCon PL

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Retrofitting crossbar lines with the CompactTransfer

  • Specialized for retrofitting crossbar lines
  • The CompactTransfer is the only automation unit in the market that is specially designed for this application
  • Improved output thanks to electronic transfer and press phase offset
  • Free programming in all six degrees of freedom
  • Compact design for installation in very small spaces
  • Improved performance and reduction of try-out times through simulation software StroCon PL
  • Fewer tools thanks to eliminated orientation stations
  • Quicker set-up process through fully automatic tool change
  • We accompany the entire process from plant measurement and designing the transfer paths to commissioning

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Retrofitting crossbar lines with the CompactTransfer in the automotive industry
Hot forming lines for the automotive industry

The best choice for hot forming lines

  • Significant cycle time advantage compared with robot automation systems
  • Press loading and unloading with time-tested high-performance feeders
  • Feeder or transfer concept can be implemented
  • Years of experience: over 50 active plants
  • Front of Line with uninterrupted stack change and blank marking
  • Integration of RoundTrack system for simple and precise feeding of blank stacks
  • Customer-specific tooling interfaces
  • Complete control system including press interface

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Ultra-flexible press automation

  • Module kit with established feeder and gantry systems
  • Clever combination to create your ultra-flexible automation solution
  • Front of Line systems with blank carts on RoundTrack system, spreading units, conveyor systems and destacking gantries
  • Modular software kits permit different operating modes in customized combinations
  • Offline programming with 3D simulation software OpenLoop

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Press automation with feeder and gantry systems
Stacking systems for transfer presses for the automotive industry

Stacking systems for transfer presses

  • Automatic stacking systems for blank cutting and formed parts
  • System modules can be combined as required
    • Optical position detection by camera systems
    • Gantries with combined rotary axes with up to six degrees of freedom
    • Integration of quality checks
    • Conveyor systems and shuttle systems
  • Increase of stroke rate thanks to double pick functions
  • Uninterrupted stack and container change with carts on RoundTrack system

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Our system solutions for transport and handling:
From entry-level to ultra-class

Automated guided vehicle systems for the automotive industry

Automated guided
vehicle systems

The new ultra-class: uTrack is ideal for applications that handle great loads and require high availability while minimizing maintenance and service work.

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Transport systems for the automotive industry


Our RoundTrack-based transport systems are designed for flexible use: from manual standard dollies to powered transport carts.

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Handling systems for the automotive industry


Our portfolio ranges from conventional 2-axis gantries to customized system solutions: line gantries, area gantries or traversing feeders.

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Press automation for the automotive industry


We offer turn-key solutions for highly dynamic automation of press lines and individual presses: Front of Line, press linking and End of Line.

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RoundTrack systems in pressing plants

Move heavy loads of up to 200 t for the automotive industry

Move heavy loads of up to 200 t with Automated guided vehicles

Modern intralogistical processes - from simple dollies to automated guided vehicle systems - are easy to implement in any pressing plant. Application examples include blank carts, coil and tool transport between factory buildings and tool change systems.

  • Load-bearing capacity of up to 200 t, up to 5 t movable by one person
  • Floor-level system without tripping hazards
  • Traversable with forklift and pallet trucks
  • High energy efficiency thanks to minimized rolling friction
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RoundTrack systems in welding and riveting processes for the automotive industry

RoundTrack systems in welding and riveting processes

The precision of the RoundTrack system opens up completely new possibilities for joining technology. The extremely high repeat accuracy creates effective feeding processes that significantly reduce production cost while maintaining the same high quality.

  • Precise loading of welding assembly groups into welding cells
  • Precise loading of assembly groups into robot riveting systems
  • From individual components to entire chassis in welding cells
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