Continuous flow production: Increased productivity in the assembly line by fixed strokes

PulseTrack is the simplest way to implement flow production. Connecting the pulse conveyor to the cart increases productivity thanks to fixed cycles and maximum energy efficiency.

  • Just one drive unit which allows to move all carts on the entire line simultaneously
  • Higher work safety
  • High economic efficiency through carts without drives
  • Floor level
  • Completely closed system
  • Continuous or sequential
  • Min. installation space in the foundation
Line weight up to 600 tons

Line weight up to 600 t

The PulseTrack system consists of a pulse conveyor and a cart of the series LeanTrack or CustomTrack. The carts are equipped with a carrier which is coupled to the drawbar of the cycle drive. The system permits ergonomic continuous flow production with a line weight of up to 600 tons. The products are automatically advanced to the next work station. Fixed cycles increase productivity.

Minimized energy and follow-up costs

Maintenance-free components and higher energy efficiency make the PulseTrack extremely cost-effective and sustainable: One central drive for several cart permits simultaneous cycling of the entire line. This means the carts themselves have no drive.

Transport system for flow production: minimized energy and follow-up costs

Simple control and maximum transparency

Each cycle drive is equipped with its own line control. The configurable dashboard enables maximum transparency and control.

Functional principle: continuous flow production

PulseTrack applications:
Satisfied customers with pulse drive

Transport of injection moulding machines

Transport of injection moulding machines

Transport of aircraft bodies

Transport of aircraft bodies

Transport in production for printing presses

Production printing presses

Highly flexible application scenarios
PulseTrack  layout concepts

Straight cycled assembly line  (PulseTrack + LeanTrack)

U-cycled assembly line using transverse displacement  (PulseTrack + CustomTrack)

Straight cycled assembly line with crossing supply segments  (PulseTrack + CustomTrack + LeanTrack)

Carts for continuous flow production:
Standard or customized

LeanTrack: the standard carts

Manual transport systems: the standard carts

The standard aluminium or steel cart is suitable for easy and quick implementation of many applications. One person can move up to 5 t. You benefit from quick delivery.

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CustomTrack: the customized carts

Manual transport systems: the customized carts

CustomTrack carts are fully adapted to your requirements thanks to a tailored cart and layout design. In particular the direction change systems increase the flexibility of the transport process.

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Installation dimensions of the pit for the underfloor drive

  • Holding profile embedded on floor level like the RoundTrack
  • PulseTrack can be retrofitted
  • No obstacles, as the drive is installed on the floor level
Installation dimensions of the pit for the underfloor drive

Technical data 


Max. load to pull

Up to 600 tons on the entire RoundTrack line

Cycle length

The cycle length is freely definable according to customer requirement

Cycle time

The cycle time is also freely definable according to customer requirements


Up to: 3 m/min loaded and 5 m/min unloaded (Depending on the total weight and the local conditions)


Siemens S7 - 15XXF, ET200SP, KTP900
SEW or Siemens servo geared motor


A data interface to external control systems (e. g. SCADA level) for monitoring and control is prepared as standard. The hardware coupling can be configured individually for the customer.

Safety concept

  • Continuous speed monitoring
  • Mechanical torque monitoring
  • Emergency Stop switch at each pulse station
  • Release button at each assembly station prior to cycling

Energy consumption
of the drive unit

  • 0,6 kW/h (30 min cycle time and 8 m cycle length)
  •  Required power supply: 400 V/32 A


Suitable for all RoundTrack sizes:

  • RoundTrack 25
  • RoundTrack 40
  • RoundTrack 60

Can also be retrofitted, if the track gauge is >= 1,250 mm

Optional change of direction

Crossing elements (90°)

Cross chassis in the cart or turning stations integrated in the floor allow the transport carts to change direction easily. This makes it possible to reach any position on the job site. The cross chassis enables a change of direction in combination with crossing elements. The crossing element is installed together with the RoundTrack. Preferred use: few carts and many crossings.

Quadro turnstile (90°)

The RoundTrack crossing consists of individual quadro switches. The cassettes in the carriage are mounted on swivel bearings. In the case of a passive quadruple switch, the changeover is made by a manual switch lever or a swivel drive in the carriage. In the case of active quadruple points, the direction is changed by pneumatically driven quadruple points in the floor. Preferred use: many carriages with few crossovers, without inclines and without orientation changes. The advantage over the cross trolley: very low overall height of the trolley.

Turning station (0-360°)

The turning stations are manufactured individually according to the track width and cart size. The floor level turning stations can be turned manually or by automatic drive, as a result the orientation of the product is also changed. Preferred use: many carts, few crossings on inclined tracks or when changing orientation.

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