Press linking for the automation of press lines

Our portfolio features the FeederPlus 6neo and the CompactTransfer, customizable solutions for the automation of new tandem lines and for retrofitting projects in the crossbar press segment.

System overview tandem lines

FeederPlus 6neo

Press linking FeederPlus 6<sup>neo</sup>

The single-arm feeder for tandem press lines of up to 16 SPM. Its defining feature is the unique kinematics that makes its unique functional integration in the Front and End of Line possible.

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Press linking HighSpeedTransfer

This crossbar transfer for tandem lines with six degrees of freedom achieves up to 15 SPM and has a load-bearing capacity of up to 100 kg. It is based on the highly successful CompactTransfer system.

Retrofitting crossbar presses



The CompactTransfer is a customizable automation unit for retrofitting crossbar presses. Depending on the press spacing, it can achieve a performance of up to 17 SPM.

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