Traversing feeders of the SFT series 3/120

Traversing feeders have three axes in the longitudinal, transverse and vertical direction. Overlaid movements ensure excellent dynamics in the feed axis. This can save a lot of time, particularly in loading processes. Numerous options, e.g. rotary axes or the combination of multiple feeder modules allow the feeder to be adapted perfectly to the specific customer applications. Extensive interfaces for actuators and sensor systems permit the use of a wide range of tools and end effectors.

Technical data

Series 3/120

Load capacity

120 kg

Max. Load capacity with reduced dynamics

250 kg

Max. Stroke X

4500* mm

Max. Stroke Y

20000* mm

Max. Stroke Z

1100* mm

* Further lengths on request

Maximum speed and acceleration​

Speed [m/s]

Acceleration [m/s²]

Axis X



Axis Y

1,5 (4)**

7 (4)**

Axis Z



* Further lengths on request
** For long Y-distance

Customized additional applications

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Series 3/120