UTrack system benefits
Automated Guided Vehicle Systems

Lean Production

uTrack is the benchmark for lean and efficient processes. Compared to free-driving or autonomous AGVs, the system is already convincing from the initial planning phase over the entire plant duration with minimal effort and costs.

Precise­ position­­ing

The uTrack RoundTrack guidance enables positioning and repeat accuracies of up to ±0.3 mm. This enables optimal integration into automated processes, such as robots, stacking systems or lifting tables.

Maintenance-free system

All uTrack components are maintenance-free: the wheelsets do not need to be maintained or replaced, no open space for maintenance work, no redundant drives, and no need for reserve vehicles.

High energy efficiency

Due to the minimal rolling resistance, only low power is required to move large loads. As a result, only a minimum drive power is required. For example, 2 kW to move 30 t load.

Flush with the floor system

The uTrack track guidance is flush with the hall floor and enables forklifts and pallet trucks to drive over it. In addition, the highest possible level of work safety is ensured by avoiding tripping hazards.

Reduction of follow-up costs

Track guidance eliminates many costs compared to conventional AGVs: no maintenance, no replacement vehicles, no ground remediation, and no downtime due to loss of positioning.

UTrack system features

UTrack carts

Variables chassis design

The uTrack transport cart is individually designed to meet your requirements: the chassis design, the overall height or the color design can be adapted variably. The examples show customized designs from different markets. The transport cart can also be equipped with additional functions such as lifting and rotating loads.

Agricultural machinery assembly: Load capacity 23 t

Agricultural machinery assembly: Load capacity 23 t, L= 3500 mm, W= 2000 mm, H=220 mm

Agricultural machinery assembly: Load capacity 16 t

Agricultural machinery assembly: Load capacity 16 t, L= 7500 mm, W= 2800 mm, H= 400 mm

Transport of turbine components: Load capacity 85 t

Transport of turbine components: Load capacity 85 t, L= 3010 mm, W= 2850 mm, H= 440 mm

Assembly of milling or machine tools Load capacity 10 t

Assembly of milling or machine tools Load capacity 10 t, L= 3810 mm, W= 1540 mm, H= 150 mm

Flexible energy supply

The energy supply of the uTrack transport carts can be flexibly selected, depending on the application. In battery mode, the charging process can be carried out individually: from manual to automated charging via contact points or a charging station. For applications with short cycle times, long routes and many vehicles, the induction drive is the preferred choice.


Carts with battery are characterized by their easy installation. Lithium-ion batteries with fast charging times are used.


Carts with induction drive enable contactless energy transfer. The induction system also includes switch cabinet and control system.

UTrack Change of direction

Crossing elements (90°)

Cross chassis in the trolley or turning stations integrated in the floor allow the uTrack transport trolleys to change direction easily. This makes it possible to reach any position on the job site. The cross chassis enables a change of direction in combination with crossing elements. The crossing element is installed together with the RoundTrack. Preferred use: few trolleys and many crossings.

Quadro Turnstile (90°)

The RoundTrack crossing consists of individual quadro switches. The cassettes in the carriage are mounted on swivel bearings. In the case of a passive quadruple switch, the changeover is made by a manual switch lever or a swivel drive in the carriage. In the case of active quadruple points, the direction is changed by pneumatically driven quadruple points in the floor. Preferred use: many carriages with few crossovers, without inclines and without orientation changes. The advantage over the cross trolley: very low overall height of the trolley.

Turning station (0-360°)

The turning stations are manufactured individually according to the track width and trolley size. The floor level turning stations can be turned manually or by automatic drive, as a result the orientation of the product is also changed. Preferred use: many trolleys, few crossings on inclined tracks or when changing orientation.

UTrack Track guidance

Safe and precise track guidance with the RoundTrack

The RoundTrack from Strothmann guarantees the safe and precise positioning of the uTrack transport trolleys. The special shape of the wheels enables very low rolling resistance and precise guidance of the system. For long-lasting use, the RoundTrack is made of hardened and polished steel and the wheels are made of ball bearing steel.

  • installation flush with the floor
  • high precision
  • maintenance-free
  • ergonomic
  • economical
  • flexibly expandable

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System advantages

Technical data*


Max. load-bearing
capacity per cart

  • RS25: 20 t, RS40: 40 t, RS60: 100 t

Min. dimensions
(W x L x H)

  • RS25/40: 1400 mm x 2500 mm x 300 mm
  • RS60: 2500 mm x 3200 mm x 440 mm

Travelling profile

  • Max. speed 30 m/min, max. acceleration 0.2 m/s²
  • Min. braking distance (20 m/min) approx. 300 mm, standard positioning accuracy ±3 mm

Energy supply

  • AGM battery:
    • External charger (plug-in or charging surfaces)
    • Internal charger (plug-in)
  • Contactless energy transmission (inductive)
    • along the entire route
  • Hybrid systems
    • LFP battery + inductive/stationary charging points
    • Capacitor storage + inductive/partial charging sections

Vehicle control

  • Automatic mode
    • Travel commands via WIFI from master control station (Profinet/Profisafe protocol)
    • Travel commands via control elements on the vehicle or stationary
  • Manual: Manual control unit via remote control or cable

Master control station

  • Fleet management/diagnosis on installation level
  • Order management
  • Standardized data interface OPC UA


  • “Point to point” navigation using transponders integrated in the floor

Safety system

  • Diagonally arranged laser scanners with 270° detection range

Emergency concept

  • Simple drive disconnection permits manual movement in the event of vehicle failure without significant production interruptions

Optional functions

  • Lifting function, rotary function, extreme positioning accuracy through additional centring chassis up to (±0.3 mm)

* in the respective standard versions

Maximized energy efficiency

No other transport system has a lower energy consumption than the RoundTrack when moving heavy loads.

  • minimized energy requirement
  • consistent consumption thanks to a practically wear-free system
  • combined energy efficiency and low-maintenance features make production significantly more eco-friendly (CO2 footprint)

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System advantages