UTrack: universal use even in extreme applications

The Strothmann automated guided vehicles have been in use since 2004. Due to the many years of experience and the high system availability, customers worldwide trust in uTrack. The AGV offers numerous advantages that enable flexible use in different industries. Especially in areas of application where large and heavy loads, high accuracy or interaction with other machines is required, uTrack is unrivaled.

ultra strong: reliable transport of large and heavy loads
ultra precise: minimum tolerances and maximum positioning accuracy
ultra efficient: maintenance-free system and low operating costs
ultra safe: maximum safety for people and objects
ultra robust: easy movement in case of malfunction for highest availability

Ultra strong: AGV for large and heavy products in pre- and final assembly

The optimal application for the uTrack system is the transport of heavy products from 5 - 200 t in the area of pre- and final assembly. Application examples

  • Commercial vehicles
  • Construction and agricultural machinery
  • Aircraft industry
  • Manufacturing systems

The uTrack lead

  • reliable transport of heavy and large-volume loads
  • highest safety for persons and objects
  • high availability
  • low operating costs
  • integrated emergency strategy


Application areas

Construction industry

Application areas


Application areas

Commercial vehicles

Application areas

Ultra precise: AGV interaction with high requirements on position and repeat accuracy

Due to the very high repeatability of the uTrack system, interactions with other machines and complex systems can be realized with the highest precision. Application examples:

  • Machining centers
  • Welding and riveting robots
  • Stacking stations
  • Lifting tables

The uTrack advantage

  • easy integration into automated processes
  • precise positioning and repeat accuracy
  • interaction with stationary equipment
  • highest safety for persons and objects
  • highest availability
  • low operating costs


Accurate positioning and repeatability is necessary for joining components. This applies to processes such as welding parts, applying various substances such as sealants or adhesives to parts, or measuring parts in quality inspection stations.


Several transfer points are necessary in production. In order not to lose productivity, this step must be completed as quickly as possible. In addition, other forces that can act on the carriage during transfer must be safely compensated.


Human-machine interaction in assembly lines is becoming increasingly important. Simple and monotonous assembly tasks are increasingly being taken over by robots. At the same time, products are becoming increasingly complex. The future of assembly lines forms a homogeneous mix of humans and machines in production. uTrack serves both "sparring partners" best.

Automated Guided Vehicles: Permanently in use

Number of agricultural machinery produced to date. With uTrack.
Number of aviation industry products produced to date. With uTrack.
Number of machines produced to date within other industries. With uTrack.

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