RoundTrack: the basis for rail-guided AGV

The Strothmann RoundTrack is the basis for the highly precise and reliable cart track guiding function. The wheels ensure minimal rolling resistance while reliably guiding the system. Even heavy objects weighing up to 5 tons can be moved by hand. The round rails made of hardened, polished steel and the wheels made of ball bearing steel are designed for a long service life.

The RoundTrack is flush with the building floor, making it possible to move across it with forklift trucks and platform floor trucks. Moreover, the lack of tripping hazards guarantees optimized safety at work. The clamping profile on both sides makes it easy to replace the aluminium profile in the event of damage.

Round rail technology for manual and powered transport systems

Advantages of rail-guided transport systems

High energy efficiency

  • minimal rolling resistance due to steel on steel (wheel on RoundTrack)
  • minimum drive power required
  • low power for moving heavy and large loads

No floor abrasion

  • no point loading due to the wheels
  • no ruts in the hall floor
  • no floor maintenance in the area of the track-guided carts
  • for example forklifts and pallet trucks can easily drive over the RoundTrack
  • best possible safety at work by avoiding tripping hazards

Reduction of maintenance and energy costs (TCO)

  • no component replacement due to abrasion
  • no repairs to drive ways
  • no service and maintenance stations
  • reduced energy costs due to minimal friction

Safe and precise track guidance

The RoundTrack from Strothmann guarantees the safe and precise positioning of the transport carts. The special shape of the wheels enables very low rolling resistance and precise guidance of the system. For long-lasting use, the RoundTrack is made of hardened and polished steel and the wheels are made of ball bearing steel.

  • installation flush with the floor
  • high precision
  • maintenance-free
  • ergonomic
  • economical
  • flexibly expandable
Rail guide systems: safe and precise track guidance of transport systems

RoundTrack variants

RoundTracks with diameters of 25, 40, and 60 mm are available to accommodate different payloads per wheel. The RoundTrack RS60 has a nominal load-bearing capacity of 15 tons per wheel. Even carriage with four duo cassettes can move 100 t.

*Installation channel size (height x width)

Track guiding

40 t

max. payload capacity per cart

Track guiding

80 t

max. payload capacity per cart

Track guiding

200 t

max. payload capacity per cart

RoundTrack installation in 4 steps

Strothmann’s cooperation partners around the world are available to install the RoundTrack. The track guiding system is integrated in the building floors in four steps. For further information, please refer to our installation conditions.

  1.  Measuring and marking floor slots
  2.  Cutting, chiselling and cleaning floor slots
  3.  Positioning and aligning RoundTrack
  4.  Grouting RoundTrack in the channel
Round rail technology: the rail guiding system for highest ergonomics

Crossing elements (90°)

Cross chassis in the cart or turning stations integrated in the floor allow the transport carts to change direction easily. This makes it possible to reach any position on the job site. The cross chassis enables a change of direction in combination with crossing elements. The crossing element is installed together with the RoundTrack. Preferred use: few carts and many crossings.

Quadro turnstile (90°)

The RoundTrack crossing consists of individual quadro switches. The cassettes in the carriage are mounted on swivel bearings. In the case of a passive quadruple switch, the changeover is made by a manual switch lever or a swivel drive in the carriage. In the case of active quadruple points, the direction is changed by pneumatically driven quadruple points in the floor. Preferred use: many carriages with few crossovers, without inclines and without orientation changes. The advantage over the cross trolley: very low overall height of the trolley.

Turning station (0-360°)

The turning stations are manufactured individually according to the track width and cart size. The floor level turning stations can be turned manually or by automatic drive, as a result the orientation of the product is also changed. Preferred use: many carts, few crossings on inclined tracks or when changing orientation.

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