RoundTrack® systems


As the inventor of the RoundTrack® system we have many years of experience in the automation of production facilities with carriages. 

Carriages have an internally fitted drive that allows parts weighing up to 200 tonnes to be transported. There are three different drive variants that serve as an energy source.

The control system for the carriages that we have designed takes into account all safety systems and minimises the risk of accidents in your company. We realise fully automated production processes using the RoundTrack® system in which the carriage is tuned to your product and your production system. 
Thanks to the existing energy source for the drive elements, special requirements can also be accommodated, such as lifting and rotating equipment on the carriage. We will be happy to explain the many possibilities for improving efficiency by using driven carriages on the RoundTrack®.


When using the RoundTrack® system as a production system we are often confronted with driverless transport systems (FTS). As the efficiency and optimum design of the production system is the absolute priority, here is a comparison:

Benefits compared to the FTS:

  • Lower rolling friction (rolling friction coefficient of 0.01) is unrivalled
  • The energy required on the RoundTrack® system is only a tenth of that required by the FTS
    • This ultimately leads to 6-figure savings over the product lifecycle
  • The RoundTrack® allows a precision of almost 0.3 mm
  • The RoundTrack® system can carry up to 200 tonnes


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