Transport and handling systems for machine construction

Around the world, satisfied customers in machine construction put their trust in the system solutions and extensive experience of Strothmann. Our transport systems are optimized for intelligent movement of great loads. Even extremely heavy loads can be transported with the lowest possible energy input. The precise and reliable track guiding function is based on the Strothmann RoundTrack system. A broad selection of carriages offers great flexibility: from manual dollies to automated guided vehicle systems for sophisticated applications.

Applications for transport and handling

  • Transport of large and heavy products
  • Machine operation and loading: precise interaction with robots, machines or plants
  • Manual continuous flow production possible in the pre-assembly step of many machine sub-assemblies
  • The RoundTrack is the only technically viable alternative in injection moulding
Transport systems for machine construction

Highly precise machine interaction 

Due to the very high repeatability of the uTrack system, interactions with other machines and complex approach situations can be implemented with the highest precision: e.g. interaction with robots, lifting platforms, turning stations or filling systems.

The Strothmann advantage

  • Simple integration in automated sequences
  • Precise positioning and repeat accuracy
  • Interaction with stationary systems
  • Maximum safety for people and objects
  • Maximum availability
  • Low operating cost

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Production lines for large and heavy products 

An optimal field of application for the RoundTrack system is heavy load transport: e.g. for parallel or sequential flow production with products weighing up to 200 t.

The Strothmann advantage

  • Reliable transport of loads with large volumes
  • Maximum safety for people and objects
  • Easy movement in the event of malfunctions
  • High availability
  • Low operating cost
  • Integrated emergency strategy

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Transport systems: production lines for large and heavy products

Our system solutions for transport and handling:
From entry-level to ultra-class

Automated guided vehicle systems for machine construction

Automated guided vehicle systems

The new ultra-class: uTrack is ideal for applications that handle great loads and require high availability while minimizing maintenance and service work.

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Transport systems for machine construction

RoundTrack systems

Our RoundTrack-based transport systems are designed for flexible use: from manual standard dollies to powered transport carts.

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